Sensory Gift Guide:

The Best Toys for Your Child's Development

Every child (and adult!) has sensory processing needs and preferences. For example, I love listening to music and using heavy blankets, but I can’t stand the texture of velvet. Let us know your or your child’s sensory preferences in the comments below!

As the holiday season approaches, you might be thinking about gifts for the children in your life.  We created the Sensory Gift Guide to showcase our favorite toys specifically for families and therapists looking for developmentally appropriate sensory exploration opportunities for their little ones! For children who always seem to be seeking sensory input, these items can help to meet their needs in a more appropriate way. For extra sensitive little ones who actively avoid sensory input, these items can serve as a safe and pressure-free way to participate in sensory play.

As always, young children should be closely supervised by an adult for safety while playing with any toy. These toys and games do not substitute for skilled occupational therapy intervention for sensory processing deficits or disorders.

If you are looking for gift guides for children of certain ages, you can find those here!

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