8 Fall Sensory Activities to do with Your Child

Children playing in fall leaves

Looking for fun sensory experiences to share with your child? Try these fall-themed ideas!

  1. Pumpkin Guts! Let your child explore the inside of a pumpkin. Have them pick out the seeds to roast. Proceed cautiously if you have a child that is tactile defensive. This is intense input! If your child is reluctant, offer a utensil to use instead of their hands.
  2. Give some proprioceptive (deep pressure) input by pounding golf tees into pumpkins with a wooden mallet. Besides the sensory benefits, this is great for fine motor and visual-motor skills!
  3. Make a fall sensory bin. For the base, use birdseed, unpopped corn kernels, dry beans, sunflower seeds, or a combination. Add some real or faux leaves, acorns, tiny pumpkins, pumpkin seeds, straw, and red/yellow/orange pompoms. Be sure to include tongs, spoons, and small cups for practicing fine motor skills. For a Halloween theme, add plastic spiders, snakes, eyeballs, tiny erasers (Target dollar bins have some great Halloween-themed ones), and orange/purple/green pompoms.
  4. Make fall leaf “confetti”. Hunt for dried leaves outside, then put them in a baking dish and allow your child to crunch them into tiny pieces using their hands. Next, cut out a large leaf shape in construction paper. Cover it with glue, then sprinkle the leaf “confetti” on top until it covers your paper. Let dry, then hang up for a beautiful fall decoration!
  5. Listen to a Halloween CD or recording of spooky sounds and take turns guessing what each sound is (a creaky door, wind, cat, etc.)
  6. Blindfold your child and have them reach them into brown lunch bags filled with fall items. Include an apple, leaves, acorns, pinecones, fuzzy wool socks, small pumpkin, straw, or pumpkin seeds. Can they figure out what they’re touching without looking at it? Wonderful for developing tactile discrimination.
  7. Make a large batch of green or orange Jell-O with your child. Set aside what you want to eat, and use the rest for play! Put plastic insects, snakes, or eyeballs inside and have your child dig them out for some ooey, gooey (taste-safe) fun!
  8. Make homemade pumpkin scented play dough. Find a recipe here. When you’re done, use spoons, forks, rolling pins, cookie-cutters, googly eyes, and tooth picks to play with it AND practice fine motor skills!

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